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Until trying to carry any size vehicle, it is important to know how to tow a car safely. The slightest mistake will lead to a road accident. Novice towers are prone to make minor errors that can lead to major consequences; such as using incorrect tow hitches, incorrect turning procedure, safety light malfunctions, and more. Before moving a car or truck on your own, consult with a qualified tower or towing service. As a first-time tower, they can offer you free advice and even the necessary merchandise. If you’ve never towed a vehicle, be sure to keep reading to catch up on some tips about how to safely tow a car.

Safety Tips for Towing a Car or Truck When it comes to towing a car or truck, knowing what type of tow hitch you’re going to need is crucial. Based on the towing capacity of your vehicle and the vehicle size and weight you need to tow, the towing hook and gear can vary. Know the towing capacity of your car or truck for safe towing. Don’t try to tow anything weighing more than your car or truck.Find expert advice about tow truck dublin read here.

This exceeds your towing capacity and will damage or break the drive train of the vehicle quickly. Here are a list of some valuable tips and advice for safely towing a car: Never exceed Towing Capacity Use the Proper Towing Hitch Always Synchronize Break Lights and Turn Signals Use Safety Chains Never Tie Safety Chains to Bumper Make Clear Fog Lights, Flashers and Headlights Perform Practice Steering Before using Interstate Roadways